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Sep’t. SMART Design Tips

What’s old is new again. Here are some SMART tips for updating dated trends.

Skirted Tables and Shag Carpets:

Update Skirted tables:  layer linens using a global inspired print fabric over the base cloth, i.e. a scarf, batik or ikat remnant, shawl, etc. then add a glass top.

Update Shag Carpets: use area rugs. Flokati (real or faux) is the new Shag.  Synthetic piles are a good choice to introduce texture into any room.

Midcentury and Macrame: 

Update Midcentury: mix vintage or vintage-inspired items with your current transitional pieces. Do it with furniture, accessories, and/or lighting.

Update Macrame: use woven, knotted rope finishes on things like hanging planters, wall-mounted textiles, and even pieces of jewelry which can be readymade or homemade.

Accent with Brass and Metal:

Update Brass: use it on your faucets, frames, and fixtures. Antiqued or shiny, the choice is yours.

Update Metal: go industrial using metals in furniture, backsplashes, counters and exposed fixtures.

Reintroduce Vintage and Pastel Colors:

Update Vintage Color: use orange or yellow in cottage and nautical designs or combine with natural woods, textures and textiles. Play it against crisp white and bright blues.

Update Pastel Color: mix muted pastels like periwinkle, baby pink or powder blue in combo with a bold accent color or two in furnishings, wall colors or artwork.

Trend with Wallpaper and Woods:

Update Wallpaper: use large prints, geometrics, modern florals and bold colors.

Update Woods: use shiplap, re-claimed, rustic, or any natural wood (no faux) then paint or stain and place in a patterned design on the wall.

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