3 Day Course Outline

smartlogo1The Smart School 3-Day Certified

Interior Redesign Course Is For You If…


  • You’ve ever been told you have a real “flair” for interior decorating.
  • You’ve ever seen a makeover in a magazine or on television and said, “I can do that!”
  • You want to learn how to redesign without extensive training.
  • You want to have fun doing what you love.
  • You want to bring the thrill of a professional “TV” makeover to friends & family.

Maybe you always wanted to learn how to redesign, but do not necessarily want to start your own business.

Maybe you already have a decorating or home staging business and want to add another dimension to your services.

Maybe it’s time to follow a dream and just go for it!

The Smart School 3-Day Interior Redesign Training program includes:

1. Classroom Instruction:

get-certified_clip_image002_0003Your learning experience is enhanced through diverse teaching methods of audio, visual and practical participation opportunities. It’s fun, educational and inspiring.


The classroom portion of the program consists of:

  • Over 8 hours learning the fundamentals of the REdesign process and technique development
  • Video presentation of HGTV featured redesign projects.

2. Hands-On Redesign Experience:

There is one principle my colleagues and I firmly believe in when it comes to YOUR Redesign education and ability to run a successful Redesign / Home Staging business. You Must Learn By Doing!

learnbydoingNo matter what your skill level is, no matter what you have heard, seen or read, I can tell you from the heart, “It is not possible to fully understand or grasp the process of interior redesign / home staging PROPERLY and PROFESSIONALLY unless student/instructor hands-on guidance is part of your learning module.” As the saying goes, while it “looks good on paper”, you simply CANNOT learn the nuances and practical application of true Redesign/Home Staging from reading a book or taking an online course.

Therefore, I spend a great deal of time selecting the best training project homes available for your learning experience. PLUS I visit each one personally before I make my selections. In other words, we’re not just trying to recreate a home makeover experience in a classroom setting. I take each class to an “actual home” and we makeover one or more rooms. Joanne Crutchfield once quoted, “Attention to details has nothing to do with obtaining perfection; it has everything to do with taking pride in one’s work”.

I pride myself on often being “picky”! That’s why I insist on previewing a minimum of 10 homes prior to each training program. It is my obligation as an instructor to give you the very best “real-life” Redesign practice opportunities I can provide. My goal is to match every Redesign home challenge with what you are learning in the classroom that day.

Your hands-on Redesign practice opportunities:

  • Reinforces the classroom theory of Redesign/Home Staging, putting it into practice – right away
  • Redesigns/Stagings are conducted in client homes for practical environment experience
  • A minimum of two hand-on class projects

3. A Comprehensive Training Manual:

Having taken many training programs myself, I’ve come to learn there are two kinds of course Interior Redesign/Home Staging training manuals. The one seen from the perspective of the trainer and the one viewed from the perspective of the “student”. I don’t know about you, but I much prefer when the course manual is speaking to me, as a student, rather then leaving me to decipher some hidden code only a seasoned pro would understand.

Therefore, I have carefully designed a manual written from a “student” perspective. It contains narrative pages full of clear, concise information you are guaranteed to understand and be able to put to use. There are no fill-in the-blanks pages here! Everything you need to know is at your fingertips. Based on feedback from many of my students, I’m sure you will appreciate how your training manual will act as a resource guideline for years to come!

Your 3 Day Certified Redesign Course Manual Includes:

The Philosophy & Psychology of Interior Redesign

  • What makes the Redesign process different from anything else you’ve ever learned
  • Redesign & Home Staging: what are the differences?
  • The emotional and psychological impact of a Redesign on the homeowner
  • How Redesign compares to conventional design and Feng Shui Principles

Redesign Theory & Fundamental Principles

  • bookcases-workStep-by Step process to a successful Interior Redesign
  • How architecture affects furniture placement
  • How to make a BIG impact with proper furniture placement
  • Establishing key focal points and user-friendly traffic patterns
  • Creative secrets for maximizing multiple room usages
  • The fine art behind selecting and hanging art
  • Accessory identification process and placement applications
  • Overcoming and leveraging lighting challenges and solutions
  • How to properly use plants and flowers as dynamic room accents

Work-Day Details

  • Redesign safety guidelines
  • Pre and Post redesign preparation and follow up
  • The all important job supply list with “Tips & Tools” of the trade
  • Hiring and Training Assistants (believe me, you’ll want to know this)

Decorating 101

  • Exotic-closeUnlocking the true meaning behind basic design terminology
  • Color fundamentals and Redesign Psychology of Color
  • Tips for planning room décor from start to finish

Getting down to some business

  • trainingClient and/or homeowner interaction
  • Conducting an in-home consultation/evaluation
  • Using the Homeowner as an assistant
  • Establishing Fees
  • Service Description/options
  • Hiring & training Assistants

Helpful forms

  • Client/homeowner profile
  • Photo/media release
  • Assistant work release
  • Consultation/evaluation worksheet/checklist

In addition

Over the course of the three-day class, I’ll provide you with the essential support that makes this one of the most comprehensive and effective courses of its kind. You will receive:

  • Morning munchies, lunch, snacks and beverages each day.
  • Transportation to and from the Redesign homes
  • Lots of fun and surprise “goodies”.
  • A certificate of completion.

Note: After completing a 3-day program, should you decide you would like to start a career in redesign and home staging, you can return for my two-day Home Staging/Business Basics segment in any scheduled 4-day training class at a student discount tuition. Please contact Marcia for more information.