April SMART Design Tips

Got pictures? Here are some SMART TIPS on different ways to display all those photos:

Stack them:   Typically, we only think of photo display in terms of vertical placement (in an upright position). But another tactic is to put them in decorative frames and lay them flat. Stack some books on an end table, low shelf, coffee table, or other flat surface that you see when standing or sitting. Top the stack with a favorite pic and watch the fun unfold as friends and relatives discover the photos in this unexpected spot.

Make a Miniature Collage:   Grab some smartphone photos and instead of printing in full-size, print them in phone-size miniature. Then combine into one large “photo” on the wall. Overlap the photos collage-style, or use them symmetrically in a square or rectangular arrangement.

Accent Bookshelves: Make photos the stars of the shelves. Intersperse them in front of or on top of your books. Try cleverly matching the two. For example, place a pic of you in a foreign land in front of your travel-themed books. Short on books? Feel free to hang pictures on the back wall of the shelves or substitute a shelf of pictures for books.

Rummage-style Arrangement:  Round up some loose photos you love that are currently hidden in boxes or albums. Find an interesting tray and place it in a spot in the house frequented by visitors. Toss the photos in the tray and let them discover the treasures. Mix in old pics with new; change them with the seasons or just add and subtract from the pile as the spirit moves you. Friends and relatives will enjoy rummaging through your family history as much as you will displaying the hidden gems.

Turn them into Wallpaper:   This is a great idea for a smaller room, hallway or overlooked corner. Use random personal photos, themed photos (such as vacations, family trees, the kids, pets, etc.) or even prints of professional photographs. Next, purchase inexpensive frames for each of the pictures (preferably the same style, and color). Group them according to subject, or any other way you wish. Be sure all your furnishings are in place, and you’re ready to hang ’em up! Start in the middle of the room and work your way up and down the walls from there. The fun twist is you can keep adding as you get more pictures, until you have “papered” the walls with your photos.