April Smart Tips

Think a small space can’t be decorated BIG? Well, think again! Here are some SMART tips to living large in your small space.

Skip area rugs:

A wide expanse of bare floors creates an open, consistent look. Similar flooring (hard wood, tile, carpeting, laminate, etc.) in a similar color is ideal. Exception, anchoring the main living-area seating grouping with a large rug.

Make it look taller:

Mount curtain rods as near to the top of ceiling as possible (3-6″) and use lighter-weight fabrics, like linen or opaque sheers. This gives the illusion of taller windows and ceilings. With lower ceiling heights, avoid adding accessories to tops of bookcases, kitchen cabinets, armoires or entertainment centers. This creates a “crunch’ effect and makes ceilings look even lower.

Add a mirror:

Best trick to make a small space look larger. Position a full-length, framed mirror in a strategic corner of the living, dining or master bedroom to double the visual perspective. Position opposite a window or sliding door to bounce sunlight around the room and bring the outdoors in.

Re-arrange the artwork:

Use one large, striking piece of artwork to create a focal point. Save the clusters of small, scattered pictures for a hallway. Can’t resist hanging those family photos? For a daring idea, try “wallpapering” a small room with floor-to-ceiling pictures, all framed the same.

Try this trick:

Use dining room chairs for side-chairs in the main living area. Their smaller scale will typically allow you to use two chairs in place of one larger club chair and will give extra guest seating to pull-up into any arrangement. Ditto in a dining room. Use armless, tall chairs around the dining room or kitchen table. Add a bench on one side for even more flexibility.