August SMART Design Tips

Enjoying a staycation this year? Here are some SMART tips to help turn your yard/patio/deck into a destination retreat.

Start by Furnishing for Comfort and Durability:

  • Wrought/cast iron or aluminum and traditional wood are classic options.
  • Synthetic, weatherproof patio furniture and fabrics offer the same style and comfort as anything you would have inside your home. Try slipcovers that can be washed between seasons.
  • Look for weatherproof floor lamps and table lamps that are practical yet echo stylish indoor selections.

Mark your territory:

  • Define different activity zones- dining, relaxing, kids space and yard games.
  • Create a DIY cook station- grill, countertop for food prep, closed storage, serving bar. A refrigerator and sink will make preparation and cleanup even easier.
  • A covered pergola can serve as a dining oasis, protection from the sun, or small living space.

Add Amenities-budget permitting:

  • Fountains add the soothing sound of trickling water and can serve as a patio anchor piece.
  • Fireplaces make a natural focal point, help define space and provide privacy for an outdoor room.
  • Fire pits, whether built-in or moveable, draw people together and can extend outdoor living into cooler weather.

Round up the lighting:

  • For outdoor cook stations you’ll need task lighting over the grill and work areas.
  • For dining and conversation areas, candlelight, wall-mount downlights, or dimmable electric lamps create a relaxed mood.
  • After the sun sets illuminate steps and walkways for safety. Solar-powered accent lights or low-voltage lights add drama and interest to the landscape and highlight paths. String lights on patio covers or in large potted plants and nearby trees.

Treasure your privacy:

  • Fences, garden walls, lattice, pergolas, and landscaping help define outdoor spaces and screen views of neighboring houses.
  • Create a cozy corner for a getaway oasis–umbrella w/bistro table and chairs for tea-time, a canopied seating area w/ lounge chair for book-time, tiki hut w/ bar stools for cocktail-time.
  • Choices for providing shade from the sun, while insuring your privacy, include mature trees, umbrellas, retractable awnings, or arbors planted with vines.

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