August SMART Design Tips

Travel abounds in the summer months. But visiting the far corners of the world may not be on your to-do list this year. But don’t cry for Argentina.  Here are some SMART tips to help bring a touch of travel-inspired design to any room in your home.

Slip a Suzani into your decor:   Suzani is a type of  embroidered tribal textile made in Central Asian countries. Distinctive for their needle embroidery and graphic designs depicting flowers, leaves, fruit, and sun and moon shapes, Suzani textiles go back hundreds of years. Try one of these colorful and artistic textiles as wall art, wrap a headboard or use it in an inventive DIY project.

Mix in Morocco:   Introducing Moroccan style to an American home can amp up any room. Pillows and curtains with eye-popping patterns and vibrant colors, ornately carved wood or metal elements -like tables or screens- in exotic colors  and shapes, and intricate patterned accessories will give a well-traveled vibe to any armchair traveler’s home.

Add a bit of Asia:   A few Asian-inspired elements lend a sense of classic elegance to any décor style. Blue chinoiserie lamps, jars, and figurines are rich in East-Asian influence but aren’t overpowering in a room. Red is a common color used in Asian decor, and orange-red tone-on-tone wallpaper can make a bold statement in dining rooms, powder rooms or entry areas. By introducing a highly lacquered piece of furniture- large or small, simple or ornate- any room can get a sophisticated boost of Asian flair.

Rural European Country influences:   Chairs washed with chalky paint, burlap and linen, quirky chandeliers  and well-worn wooden & ceramic items infuse a room with casual French-country charm. This appealing design style gives rooms a long-loved, lived-in feeling and rooms are unfussy enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Scandinavians brighten the indoors with sunny colors and simplistic, handsomely designed furnishings. Plenty of shining white on the walls balances the brilliant blue colors scattered throughout the Scandinavian design influence.

The old-fashioned dignity of European wingback chairs, dark-wood furniture, plaid & floral prints, leather-bound books and gilt-frame portraits or landscapes on the wall is like introducing a Hemingway novel into your home.

Tropical Punch-It-Up:   Pastel or all-white rooms burst into vibrant song with curtains, pillows, or upholstery the color of a  hibiscus flower in full bloom or patterned with tropical birds, plants or native designs. Ocean-scape artwork, bamboo furniture items, palm-tree lamps or potted plants, and matchstick blinds  all contribute to a room’s tropical flavor. Hawaiian quilts or Caribbean-blue anything will bring you to the tropics without leaving your house.