Downsizing/Relocation Gallery

Whether you are moving from a house to a condo, town to town or state to state, it can be a challenge to make furnishings from one home fit properly in another.

Using the client’s existing items, redesign techniques helped the transition go smoothly, and made them feel “at home” instantly.

Please enjoy this Before & After gallery of use-what-you-have Relocation Redesigns.


before– clutter confusion

after – coordinated cohesion




before – big furniture, small space

Jenkins #1 Jenkins #2after – redesign makes it work




before –  crowded arrangement

after – maximizing space




before – stuff = stuffiness

Hanks BeforeHanks Afterafter – simplifying = spaciousness




before – weighted on the left

Kelli 1 Kelli 2after – central distribution




before- East coast furnishings

after – co-exist in contemporary CA home




before – bare bones traditional

Dee Dee beforeDee Dee afterafter – cozy and elegant




before – bare bones contemporary

Moulton #1 Moulton #2after – simple and sophisticated