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Still Have Questions? Get the FAQS!

Not to worry. I’ve put together answers to the main questions I get asked most frequently so you can feel completely comfortable taking this next step forward.

Do I need any prior design training to take your class?

NO! Since the focus is on redesign (using what the client already own) you do not need a background in interior design theory or practice. I will provide you all the knowledge you need to become a successful Interior Redesigner or Home Stager.

What if I have no idea how to begin or promote my new business?

Don’t worry! A comprehensive business segment is part of several of my program modules, dedicated to helping you make your business a success. I will help you begin to formulate a plan for the direction and model of your business and give you real-world, profitable ideas on how to maximize your service options. You will also learn how to market and promote your new business, with money-saving techniques, and without sacrificing your integrity and feeling uncomfortable. No matter what your advertising budget is, you will discover the tips professionals use to attract, secure, maintain and even sell more to your clients.

Can I really make a living as an Interior Redesigner or Home Stager?

Like any new endeavor, your success depends on the amount of time and dedication you are able to give as a new business entrepreneur. As with any unique service, there is a definite need to explain and promote the concept of Interior Redesign and Home Staging. This is a necessary part of our job as a use-what-you-have design professional. It’s going to take a lot of hard work and patience to have a flourishing redesign and/or staging business … but you’re not in this alone! I am always happy to support you in any way I can once you have completed training.

What kind of a credential will I receive upon completion of training?

Once you have completed my professional training program, you will receive your SCRS designation (Smart Certified Redesign Specialist).  In addition, because Home Staging is also included in my program, you will also earn your SCSS (Smart Certified Staging Specialist) designation; these designations are achieved by taking a written certification test. (Note: All programs earn a Certificate of Completion. However, only the professional programs, which include written testing, earn the certification designations of SCRS and/or SCSS.

Is your program part of a franchise; are there ongoing expenses involved after I complete my training?

Absolutely not. I am an independent business owner and instructor.  I am not involved in franchising the concept of Interior Redesign or Home Staging. Everything that is included in the course tuition is specified. There are no surprise fees before, during, or after the training program.

Why should I take REDESIGN training? Isn’t Home Staging training enough?

I’m glad you asked! This is one of the most frequently misunderstood definitions in our industry today. That is why I have included my “Is Staging Training Enough?” article in response to this question. You can find it located on the main Training Page menu or in my Special Report . Both are located where you found this FAQ.

Still Have Questions?

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