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What if I don’t live in Southern California?

This certification course is primarily held in beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. However,

If you are unable to attend one of the courses in Thousand Oaks, then I will bring the four-day training program to your home town!

Do you have the dream of becoming an Interior Redesign/Home Staging professional, but don’t have the time or ability to travel out of your area to complete a five day training program?

Well, help is on the way! If you are unable to travel to my area, I will come to you. By acting as an area “Host”, you can bring the Smart “School of Interior Redesign” four day professional training program right to your own home town!

Here’s how it works*:

  1. It would be your responsibility to assist with the logistical support for the training week. This means you would find the homes to preview for the projects, research the accommodation options, provide some basic tools, (which I am unable to bring on an airplane) and assist with transportation to the practice homes, and other logistical support.
  2. I require a minimum of three (3) students to conduct an out-of-area training program. You are not responsible for finding the additional students; however, if you have a training partner or a few interested friends, you are on your way to an “instant class.”
    Also note that, while I post the class schedule well in advance, please recognize that if we do not have three spots filled, there is no guarantee the program will proceed as scheduled.
  3. A discount is available for the area “Host,” (for out-of-area programs only). Please contact me for registration and information.

Making the dream a reality…

Bringing the training program to your town offers many benefits for those who need to stay close to home, both financially and personally. An additional bonus as area “Host” is the benefit of having local contacts see the results of the actual redesigns in order to begin spreading the word about your new service immediately!

This is a great opportunity for you to realize your dream of becoming a part of the fastest growing industry in the design field. I am thrilled to be able to bring my program to your area and help play a part in making that dream come true for you!

If you are interested in hosting a training program in your area, I will send you a complete information sheet on the specific details of the process. Also, I would like to talk with you personally about being an area Host. Please contact me 805-241-7997 or EMAIL for further information.

*Requirements apply to “long distance” training programs. For programs held in other areas of Southern California, requirements may vary.

Look who Marcia met while training in Seattle…


…guess she was farther North then she realized!

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