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Do You Have a “flair” For
Decorating and want to learn Interior Redesign or Home Staging?

The Smart School offers three Hands-on Training programs (Weekend Intensive, 3-Day & 4-Day) as well as a Self Study Learning Program.


The 3-Day Redesign certification program is for learning the process of Interior Redesign. If you want a Satisfying and lucrative Career our 4-Day Redesign/Home Staging Certification Program is for you!

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From top rated TV shows to eager clients seeking to create their dream homes, the Interior Redesign Home Staging industry is exploding with new and financially lucrative opportunities. Are YOU ready to get your piece of the pie?

In Just 4 Days Become a Certified Interior Redesigner/Home StagingProfessional Without Spending Years In Expensive Schools!

You’ve seen their popular television shows on HGTV. You’ve read their interviews and been awed by their makeovers in magazines. They are Interior Redesigners / Home Stagers and the demand for their expertise and creativity is expanding at a record pace.

For just a moment I’d like for you to clear your mind and IMAGINE…

  • Building your own successful business – doing what you love and getting PAID for it.
  • Using your creativity and flair for decorating to give properties on the market that ‘model home’ feeling and boosting their sales potential by thousands of dollars.
  • Transforming people’s homes into show-stoppers – in just a matter of hours.

Is This Possible?  It’s Happening Right Now – To People Who AreCertified Professional Redesigners and Home Stagers!


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Hi, my name is Marcia Smart.  I am you. Well, I’m not exactly you, but I can tell you and I think alike!   Let me guess…

  • You’ve not had any formal design training, but you know what you like, right?  Me too!
  • You probably look through all the decorating magazines, watch all the decorating programs on TV and have your husband telling you to “turn off those crazy programs and come to bed.”  Sound familiar? Me too!
  • You have no problem giving friends advice on how to decorate their homes, and when you get the chance you even put your creative talent to work in your own home. Waddya know? Me too!

Are you one of those fortunate people who were blessed with the ability to turn their hobby into a business? I am. And you can be too!

I’m sure you’ve thought about what it would be like to earn a solid income decorating other people’s homes and advising them on transforming their living space into the home of their dreams. Imagine, rearranging everyone’s “stuff” and getting paid for it. Pure heaven!  

If you’re like a lot of people, who have no formal training in this area, you may be afraid that a career as a professional Interior Redesigner or Home Stager is reserved for those who have fancy degrees or years of decorating experience.

Here’s me winning the 2009 IRIS Conference
Instructor Award for Best Project Redesign.







Guess what? Not only am I going to show you that you CAN take your creative instincts and decorating talent and turn it into a successful full-or-part-time career, but I’m ALSO going to show you how you can do it in five days!

Smart “School of Interior Redesign” Is For You If…

  • You’ve ever been told you have a real “flair” for interior decorating or staging
  • You’ve ever seen a makeover in a magazine or on television and said, “I can do that!”
  • You want a turnkey business that can earn you $50 to $200 an hour
  • You want to break into the design industry without extensive training
  • You want to become a certified Redesigner or Stager without spending years in expensive schools
  • You want to build your own business doing what you love
  • You want to have fun while you’re making money
  • You want to bring the thrill of a professional “TV” makeover to the average homeowner
  • You want to create multiple income streams using Redesign and Staging as the foundational process
  • You’re in an unsatisfying job that is just plain boring and want something new
  • You’ve carried inside you a vision of your life that “Someday I’ll live my life – when the kids are grown up, when my husband retires, when we have enough money saved,” and know deep within your heart that your time to live your dream is NOW!

If you can relate to any of these, you’re not alone. ALL of my students have, at one time or another, experienced many of these feelings. Like you, they too felt there must be a better way. Sometimes all you really need is that ONE idea. Or someone to believe in you more than you even believe in yourself. (The best part is I offer you both!)

If you believe this to be true let me show you how to…

Bring the Thrill of a Professional “TV” Makeover to the Average Homeowner

In just 4 engaging and eye-opening days, you’ll learn not only the secrets of Redesign and Home Staging the pros on television and in magazines use to transform people’s homes into show stoppers, but you’ll ALSO get the sales and marketing techniques the pros use to build a successful Redesign / Home Staging business!

My additional experience as a Certified Seminar Leader, home staging professional, small business owner, writer and guest speaker has enabled me to develop one of the absolute most comprehensive Interior Redesign and Home Staging certification courses available in the industry today. You’ll receive all of the foundational tools necessary to build a successful Redesign / Home Staging business of your own.

“I’ve Been Trained by the Best Redesigner / Stager Around!”

“I’m very grateful that I’ve been trained by the best redesigner around!
Thank you for all the knowledge you’ve imparted.” ~ Debbie Greene – Moorpark, CA. ~

“Provided Me The Opportunity To Change My Life.”

“Thank you for your course. You provided me the opportunity to change my life! It has been a wonderful experience. Warmest regards.” ~ Kristen Fratt – Highland, CA. ~

“The Training Was Absolutely AWESOME!”

“WOW! My head is still so full of new ideas, great information and practical lessons that I don’t know where to find any works more appropriate than just – THANK YOU!!! The training was absolutely awesome!” ~ Joann Eiman – Placentia CA. ~

“I’ve Already Scheduled a Redesign.”

“I just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful Redesign training program you gave. Your insight and knowledge of the industry was present from day one and it just got better and better! I promise to take everything I learned and put it to good use. I’ve already scheduled a Redesign to get my feet wet. Wish me luck!!” ~ Elaine McCarthy – Valencia, CA. ~



If you’re ready to take the steps toward earning a living doing what you love and positively changing people’s lives in the process, be sure to call and register today for one of my upcoming classes. You will be amazed and delighted at what you can accomplish through the magic of Redesign!

I look forward to the opportunity to make your dreams of becoming a Redesign Home Staging Professional come true!

To Your Dreams,

Marcia Smart

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FREE Special Report!

Learn the insider tips and secrets for creating a profitable career as a certified Redesign / Home Staging professional!

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