Is Staging Training Enough?


With the onset of the popularity of all the “Staging” programs on televisions these days, everyone seems to want to jump on the bandwagon and get trained as a home stager. And WHY NOT???!!!

The good news:  Home Staging is one of the hottest and fastest growing businesses in the design industry today!

The bad news: The marketplace is getting saturated with unqualified home stagers and staging training programs!

People wishing to enter the home staging industry are getting confused!

Are you one of them?

I’m a home staging instructor and I think it’s high time someone was honest about what is happening in our industry. So, for better or worse, I am going to share some startling FACTS about what you should know about becoming a home stager!

There are programs popping up every day and it’s difficult to determine which ones offer the quality education you need to enter the industry confidentially.


FACTS on training programs:

  • Some focus on “logical” staging techniques, saying “it’s just common sense, anyone can do this”.
  • Some focus on marketing & selling staging services, but pay little attention on how to actually execute a home staging.
  • Some focus on education achieved by reading a few books, paying for certification and a “guarantee” of job placement and “instant” business success.

FACTS on your competition

  • Do the math: combine the actual number of home stagers in your geographic area with the actual number of homeowners that will hire a stager, and the outcome can make the competition for staging jobs fierce.
  • Do the math: those that have a process to follow, thereby saving time (which translates into making more money), are typically having the most success.
  • Do the math: most vacant home staging services require that you stock (and transport) furniture, art & accessories in order to comply with demand.

FACTS on the staging industry:

  • If you don’t have a home to stage, you don’t have a job!
  • If agents (and homeowners) are not educated on the value home staging can provide, they focus their staging efforts on vacant homes and ignore the fact that the majority of homes on the market are owner-occupied homes.
  • If the decline in the economy and multitudes of foreclosures continues, logically, there are only a certain number of homeowners that will actually have the money to hire a stager.

WOW – what does this mean for YOU?
Is staging enough?
Should you enter this industry?

Now is the perfect time to become a part of this growing industry– but do your research and get the FACTS on programming options BEFORE you take the leap!


FACTS on training:

►THE SMART SCHOOL training programs teach you a step-by-step PROCESS that will transition into your ability to offer home staging and multiple services to your business.
►THE SMART SCHOOL training programs teach you TWO skill sets in one training module; Home Staging AND Interior Redesign.
►THE SMART SCHOOL training programs have set the industry training standard for over ten years.

FACTS on your competition:

► THE SMART SCHOOL training programs offer a sound redesign background which sets you apart from others entering your geographic marketplace.
►THE SMART SCHOOL training programs offer foundational business education that will help you set up BOTH a home staging and interior redesign business; thus enabling you to establish a business efficiently and effectively in your geographic marketplace.
►THE SMART SCHOOL training programs offer insights on how to create your market niche and brand your company to become a stand-out in your geographic marketplace.

FACTS on the staging industry:

► Stagers who know redesign/staging techniques can execute a home staging, move-in or interior redesign more effectively and efficiently in any kind of home.
►Stagers who know redesign/staging techniques can execute a consultation and a property evaluation for a home staging or Interior redesign objectively and efficiently.
►Stagers who know redesign/staging techniques can offer any part of the step-by-step process as a stand-alone service.


Get the FACTS

FACT: When you have completed a SMART SCHOOL certified five-day Interior Redesign/Home Staging Training program, you’ll not only know how to properly stage a home to sell, you’ll also know how to successfully execute:

  • Room redesign make-overs in just a few hours
  • Move-in services for re-location
  • Senior downsizing
  • Shopping services
  • Consultations and staging evaluations
  • Art selection and hanging
  • Accessory selection and placement….
  • and much more, based on your personal skill set

FACT:  In today’s marketplace you need to be equipped with a solid and diverse education in your industry in order to successfully create a multi-faceted business.

smartlogo1FACT: As your instructor, I know that once you have completed
your training, you will be equipped to enter the industry with essential knowledge, a proven step-by-step process and most importantly…confidence!