January SMART Design Tips

New Year’s Decorating checklist: Here are some SMART tips (and resolutions) to five common dilemmas that may be found in your home.

Start with the seating:  Your primary seating area should be positioned around the central focal point. Tighten up the arrangement so people can carry on an “intimate” conversation. Remember to avoid placing furniture “shouting distance” apart.  Furniture lined up along the walls creates a “hole” in the center of the room; it does not make it look more spacious!

Mirrors may be hung on the wrong walls:  Mirrors can add confusion if not properly placed. Hang a mirror where it will reflect a great view, bounce light, or visually open-up an entry area or other small space. Remember to check what your mirror reflects before positioning…because you will see two of them!

Art is hung too high:  Our homes are not art museums. Art is most often viewed when seated and should also be appreciated at this level. Relate art to pieces of furniture.  Rule of thumb; pick your height and then lower it by 3 inches!

Remember to light your rooms:  Most rooms lack proper lamps and lighting. Even if your room has recessed lighting, it still needs additional light sources. Always try to include task (activity specific), ambient (over-all general) and accent/mood (soft) lighting in energy room in your home, whenever possible.

Texture is lacking in the room:  A mixture of textures is necessary for visual and tactile interest. If you have a lot of hard surfaces in your room, soften them with an area rug, potted plants, or natural fabric draperies. If your furniture is sleek, like leather, try a nubby textured “throw” or pillows to introduce a softening element.

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