June Smart Tips

Spring is the perfect time to try this season’s color trend – soft pastels!  Here are some SMART tips to guide you through the perfect selection.

Sprinkle some sky blue:

It’s easy to go overboard when incorporating blue into a space. But in reality, it’s best when used in moderation. Splash it in a guest bath or powder room on walls or in linens and accessories. Paint a ceiling a soft wash of blue to give the feeling of space. Many shades of blue are a natural complement to wooden textures and/or a white backdrop and blend seamlessly with cool grays.

Make a statement with lilac:

Bringing this a-typical color into an interior can be intimidating. But lilac or lavender, with a slightly smoky undertone for a more subtle approach, is a relaxing color that can epitomize modern elegance, romance, or simple neutrality at its best.

Anchor with gray:

Regardless of its shade, this timeless color never fails to instill a soothing element within a space.  Soft, muted gray is the “new neutral” and complements almost every color. It works well with traditional, transitional, contemporary and modern style sensibilities and brings a surprising element when mixed with earthy neutrals.

Re-think dusty rose:

It’s not just for little girl’s bedrooms anymore. A bit of rose quartz sprinkled in with robin blue or duckling yellow defines the mix of warm and cool harmony. Played against white or gray, it brings drama and character to a room.

Try other colors in pastel shades:

Soft whispers of green, yellow, and orange paired with painted furniture or warm woods can create a country-chic appearance. For a more modern look, use with white, grey, or black furniture accented with splashes of more intense colors throughout.