March SMART Design Tips

Spring is a great time to get organized after winter hibernation. Here are some SMART tips to help you make the best of your office space.

Start by organizing:  File, toss or shred unnecessary paper clutter…Use baskets or color-coded boxes to organize office supplies…Add open shelves or “cabinet” shelving units to closet or room to hide and contain bulky items and electronics

Make A Bulletin Board:  Make it cork, padded or peg board, or magnetic…Accent with hanging wire baskets, small plastic holders, decorative magnets or push-pins…Vow to only keep important reminders front and center

Arrange the room for better function:  Consolidate or remove excess furnishings and misc. items to create extra space…Consider a modular desk unit or all-in-one office armoire to free up floor space…Customize a little used closet as an efficient desk area or to add storage.

Re-Locate the annoying wires:  Move the desk or re-arrange the desktop computer so wires are against the wall  & floor molding…Consider painting PVC tubing the color of your flooring and/or walls and thread the wires through to hold them all neatly in place…Hide wires behind a desk top plant or large, potted floor plant.

Try some light on the subject:  Position a task-oriented light on your desktop…Be sure you have good general overhead lighting, and avoid florescent whenever possible…Be sure to light your storage closet for late-night work sessions

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