June SMART Design Tips

Tired of tackling Spring Cleaning alone?  Here are some SMART tips to get the family involved to help make your life a little easier!

Start with one room at a time:  Scattering efforts over multiple rooms makes it seem like nothing is getting done. For visible, rewarding results, have everyone work one section of one room (that includes garages) at a time. Complete that area before moving on to the next.

Make it fun:  Create a clutter-buster game for the family. Write specific tasks on ping-pong balls or some other clever game-related item. Have each family member chooses a ball, complete the task, then select another. After a designated time frame, whoever has the most balls gets a prize … like a no-chores day or control of the TV remote.

Ask three important de-clutter questions:  Is everyone having a tough time letting go of their stuff?  No matter the age, have each family member ask these three questions: Do I love it? Do I use it? Could someone else love or use it? Their responses will produce one of three results: save, toss or donate!

Risk creating a clean-up ritual:  Every few months (more frequently if you can manage it) reserve one weekend morning for family clean-out day. Set a time limit for purging, then box up any items for donation and get them to the car before minds change. You can use this method for different types of clean-up chores and reward yourselves with a special family event.

Tackle only the A-list tasks:  Prioritize the tasks in order of importance. Tackle the top three first. If there’s time left to move on down the list, great. But don’t force the issue. If you’ve made family clean-up day a ritual, you know the other projects on the list will get handled next time.

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