November SMART Design Tips

The Holidays are coming and so are the guests! Make them feel at home by making the bed … something special. Here are some SMART tips to get them nestled all snug for the night.


Start with a base layer:   Select a warm-colored bottom sheet that matches the season – yellow, brown, green, red, gold or your favorite seasonal color. Use soft jersey or flannel sheets to snuggle things up.

Make a second-layer statement:   The top sheet should be bold. Find a print that compliments the bottom sheet color, yet echoes the season with patterns like leaves, plaids, forest scenes, snowflakes, reindeer or stars.

Add on the pillows:   Purchase or make some seasonal throw pillows and/or shams to add another layer of nice to the bedding. Select one or more of the items from the top-sheet to use as an accent focus on a pillow…a giant snowflake, one prancing reindeer, or a colorful leaf. Then have fun mixing and matching the colors, patterns and designs to coordinate the overall effect.

Repeat with the blanket:   Don’t forget to add the third layer of color. Select another color from the top-sheet to repeat in the blanket. Match the color as closely as possible, or go a shade lighter or darker. Not that brave? Then keep it simple and match the color of the bottom sheet.

Top it off with texture:   On chilly nights, an extra layer of warmth is appreciated. Top the bed with a soft velvet spread, lush down comforter or cozy quilt. Fold some final texture over the foot of the bed with a sumptuous nubby throw.