October SMART Design Tips

It’s October and you know what that means…pumpkin power! O also stands for orange, outrageous, and oh-so-clever.  Here are some SMART tips to help you get your pumpkin on!

Showcase miniature pumpkins:   Pumpkins give a homey,  fall look.For a unique twist, start with a collection of pumpkins that are the same size but have varied shapes and colors and use them in creative ways. Nesting a gaggle of orange under a sleek glass dome, bell jar or cloche adds a touch of elegant formality.

Make a color statement:   Use outrageous orange as a striking accent in a room. Paint one wall in the dining room, buy one upholstered item starring the color, or add an unexpected punch of it in an area rug. Keep it simple by tossing an orange throw over a sofa, ottoman or club chair, or use it generously in table linens, placemats and napkins.

Artful Pumpkins:   Add some extra flair to plain pumpkins by painting designs on them in colors and patterns that complement your décor. Place them around the house, patio or porch. For added fun, paint faces on petite pumpkins to inspire a giggle or two.

Rave-getting place cards:   Use acrylic paint or brightly colored paint pens to inscribe each guest’s name on a petite pumpkin, or write their names on fresh, dried or faux fall leaves. Punch a small hole in each leaf and use raffia to tie them individually around the stems of pumpkins. Set a rustic napkin beneath each pumpkin, or position it inside a small soup bowl.

Try pumpkin-light:   Cut a hole in the top of a small pumpkin, scoop out the insides, place a votive candle inside the cavity and watch the magic happen. Use them as toppers for candlesticks or use them as the candlesticks. Create a display on the fireplace mantel or an arrangement on a metal tray for the dining room or coffee table.