October SMART Design Tips

When the days start getting shorter…and all that summertime sunlight starts to fade, it can be a challenge to keep your home light and cheery. Here are some SMART tips to lighten your rooms as you prepare for the frosty days ahead

Sconces can enlighten:  Add candle wall sconces in strategic places to enhance existing lighting and throw a warm glow around any room.

Make the most of mirrors: Their reflective quality also has the ability to bounce light around the room. Position them opposite a window or behind a lamp or candle arrangement to double the light output.

Add lamps: Overhead lighting and torchieres are not enough. Add lamps generously around the room placing them in a triad pattern for best light distribution.

Replace bulbs: Most incandescent light bulbs throw a yellow glow that can dull a room. Consider using halogen bulbs for pure, white light that mimics natural daylight.

Try a touch of white: Contrast darker colors with some frosty white. Splurge on a fluffy, white flokati area rug or try a faux-shag; add a vase (or two) filled with white seasonal flowers or a huge white bowl filled with winter fruit or vegetables.

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