Readiness Quiz

Smart Redesign

Take this short SMART quiz to see if you are ready to be a Redesign/Home Staging Entrepreneur

Make sure to have a piece of paper to write down your answers to tally your results at the end.

Note: only you will see your results of the quiz. The Quiz is intended as an ‘exercise’ for fun and not an actual business analysis.


1. When it comes to decorating:

a. I have a degree in interior design or have extensive decorating knowledge.

b. I have taken some classes and have helped others decorate their homes.

c. I have an instinct for decorating and want to learn more.

d. I have no decorating knowledge and not sure I can learn.

2. When it comes to marketing my business;

a. I already have many ideas and information.

b. I have a basic idea of what it is, but need to learn more.

c. I don’t know much, but I’m willing to learn.

d. I ’m petrified at the thought.

3. When it comes to business training:

a. I have a background in business and have experience in being self-employed.

b.  I have worked in a professional business environment in another capacity.

c. I would like to learn more on business fundamentals.

d.  I have no aptitude for business.


4. When it comes to planning and executing a “project”:

a. I stay focused and on track.

b. I am pretty good at following through to completion.

c. I have good intentions but need more motivation and information.

d. I become distracted and work better with a partner or in a group

5. One of the main reasons I am considering a career in this industry is:

a. I’m already providing this service and want to be credentialed.

b. I want to be my own boss.

c. I would like to help people doing something I love.

d. It sounds easy.

6. I will consider myself a successful Redesigner/Home Stager when:

a. I have achieved the goals I have planned for.

b. I am content with the amount of business I am generating.

c. I achieve the “bottom line” I’m striving for.

d. I no longer have to make an effort to generate business.


7. You can describe my personality as:

a. Outgoing and energetic

b. Helpful and participatory

c. Curious and resourceful

d. Cautious and introspective

8. You could call me:

a. A self-starter

b. A knowledge-based starter

c. A plan first-starter

d. A slow-starter

9. When it comes to confidence:

a. I have no problem.

b. I achieve it through knowledge.

c. I need a little help.

d. I really question my abilities


10. When it comes to the Redesign/staging industry:

a. I’ve done my research and am ready to go.

b. I’ve watched all the shows and familiarized myself with the industry.

c. I’ve just started to look into the industry as a profession.

d. I’ve just heard about the industry and don’t have much information.

11. When it comes to selecting a training program:

a. I’m clear on all the options available and am making my final selection.

b. I’ve done some initial investigation and am acquiring more information.

c. I plan on selecting a program primarily based on scheduling.

d. I plan on selecting a program primarily based on price.

12. When it comes to selecting a training instructor:

a. I want an experienced industry expert, and plan on talking to them personally.

b. I want a person that meets my personal criteria and aligns with my personality.

c. I want someone who can provide me with a valid credential.

d. I want someone who aligns with my schedule and budget.


13. When it comes to dedicating time to my business:

a. I’m prepared to doing whatever it takes.

b. I’m prepared to carve out time each day to my efforts.

c. I’m prepared to make some time each week to my efforts.

d. I’m prepared to give time when I can.

14. When it comes to having a successful business:

a. I’m doing pretty well and just adding another aspect to my services

b. I realize it doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m ready to work to make it happen

c. I’m willing to arm myself with information and move forward at my own pace

d. I’m sure I will be successful right away. If not, it wasn’t meant to be.

15. When it comes to building my future business:

a. I’m already making a living in the industry; this will just increase my client services.

b. I’m planning to make this a full-time business in the first year.

c. I’m starting part-time and may build to full time eventually.

d. I’m just going to dabble at this and see how it goes.


If you selected mostly A’s:

What are you waiting for….you need to become a part of this exciting industry NOW!

If you selected mostly B’s:

As soon as you are ready, feel confident to move forward and take your training.

If you selected mostly C’s:

With a bit more research and investigation under your belt, you can make a sound, educated decision to move forward with training.

If you selected mostly D’s:

You may need to spend more time researching the industry to determine when you are really ready to move forward with training.