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“Redesign Like A Pro”

Self-Study Learning Program

If you would like to learn the process the pros use to…

  • Stage a home for sale
  • Re-create a personal space
  • Assist with move-in arranging
  • Hang art properly
  • Accessorize with confidence

And you are unable to attend a hand-on training program at this time, then…

Get Ready…

Redesign education is my passion and as a “pioneer” in the Redesign industry, I can’t wait to share with you what I have learned over the years. I understand that sometimes it is really difficult to get away from home to spend 4 Days taking a hands-on training program. And while I feel that hands-on training is still the best learning module for going pro, it’s also unrealistic to think that option is available to everyone. That’s why I have created a self-propelled learning track that will enable you to learn the redesign process, right in the comfort of your own home…at your own pace!

My “Redesign Like a Pro” Self-Study Program Is For You If…

  • You have a flair for decorating, but don’t know how to get that ‘finished’ look.
  • You are thinking of taking that “flair” to the professional level, but want to know how it works before moving forward.
  • You are already working in a related industry and want to know techniques the pros use to create a space using only the existing items found in the home.
  • You would like to help friends and family redesign their rooms, too.
  • You are ready to take the first step in making your new career dream become a reality!

Did you know…

That an actual process is used to redesign (and stage) a home successfully? Once you understand the basic system the pros use for recreating your space, you’ll enjoy redesigning all the rooms in your home, and then move on to help your friends and relatives redesign their rooms too!

Read what Cathy Madrid from Montebello, CA has to say…

For anyone considering a career in redesign, this is a valuable resource I would highly recommend purchasing. The Redesign Like A Pro program is very thorough in explaining the entire process of redesign. Your description of each step is clear and concise. After watching the DVD, I redesigned a room in my sister’s home. I followed the steps, to make sure I did not miss anything, and I made a list of questions. Following your steps I was able to execute and implement the redesign process confidently.

As a future “professional” redesigner myself, I sent out an email to about 20 friends, never expecting such an overwhelming response. I was amazed that so many asked me to redesign a room for them.

Needless to say, I will be getting plenty of practical experience within the next few months. Thanks again for this amazing opportunity”.

My “Redesign Like A Pro” self-study training program is the ONLY product on the market today that will actually take you through a S.M.A.R.T. step-by-step process using an instructional DVD to teach you how to give any room the designer look, WITHOUT the Designer price tag! That’s because (just like the pros) you are going to learn a foundational process on how to redesign a room using ONLY the existing items currently found in the home! This process will work just as easily for staging a home as it will for redesigning an owner-occupied home.

Redesign like a pro dvd workbook

More from Annette Dudley- Virginia Beach, VA

“Redesign Like A Pro was very informative and gave me new insight in how to analyze a room. The concepts were modeled and explained in detail. I learned things about redesign that I had never even considered before; such as angles and how to work with multiple focal points. I wasn’t sure that I could redesign on my own; however, after watching the entire DVD set, I was so excited with the changes that I was able to make.

As I went through segment 2, something clicked and I was able to make some great changes. My husband, who doesn’t worry a lot about design, was even impressed! I would recommend it as it is a great teaching tool.

I loved the Smart tips and ideas such as; form and function, focal points, and balance of furniture size and style. It really gave me information that has stuck with me that I will be also able to use in the future.

The self-study training program is based on my SMART five-step process will show you how to:

Start by Analyzing the room –

…’ll learn why it’s important to know what isn’t working and why, before you begin to re-create the room.

Move out the Stuff–

….. you’ll learn all the safety guidelines the pros use to prevent injury while moving the “stuff” around.

Arrange the Furniture –

….. you’ll learn why architecture, angles and focal points are key elements to proper furniture arranging.

Redistribute the Lighting & Art –

….. you’ll learn how to identify what, why and how to properly select and place lighting and artwork in the room.

Tie the look together with Accessories –

…’ll learn how to pull the entire look together with accessories; the jewelry of any room.

In addition to the 5 SMART steps, you will also learn:

Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to analyze a room to effectively solve various challenges.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to shop the house instead of the stores.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to identify the focal point(s) in any room.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to place the furniture to optimize function of the room.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to properly light the room.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to select and hang artwork.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to select and place accessories.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to “think outside the box”.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to identify and hidden collections.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to achieve scale & balance in the room.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkHow to safely complete the redesign process.


Smart Redesign CheckmarkAnd Much, Much More!!!


Get Set…

Learn at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.

My “Redesign Like A Pro” Self-Study DVD provides you with step-by-step instruction as I take you through a complete redesign project from start to finish. However, not only do you get to watch the process unfold, you are able to participate with help from a

30 PAGE “Redesign Like A Pro” WORKBOOK!!


With the assistance of this self-guided workbook, it’s as if I were standing right next to you, acting as your personal coach, helping you move forward through your step-by-step project make-over! You will have an exercise to complete on almost every page of the workbook. These exercises will ensure that you grasp the foundation of interior redesign and will assist you in learning how to execute the redesign process in an efficient and effective manner.

That’s the beauty of learning how to redesign properly. The SMART process can be used in ANY room in the home. What’s even more incredible is that the process works equally as well for staging a home, moving into a home, or just to give the space a fresh new look.

In the Self-Study Course, you will watch me complete a main living area make-over, step-by-step from start to finish. Then, you will use your workbook to complete a living area redesign in your own home, or that of a friend or relative’s home. But just to prove that the same principles apply in different rooms, the Redesign-Like-A-Pro DVD includes a …

BONUS project room RE-DO…

which will solidify the techniques for you and show you how easy it is to move from room to room using the SMART redesign process!

Kelly Kitch from McKinney, Texas learned a lot…..

“The DVD provided tons of details and flowed consistently. The professionalism is great and the information is great. It was easy to understand, and the overall language was common for us newbies.

The part with the table and the two white chairs was neat! I enjoyed how the video showed different set ups in a slideshow fashion while you were still speaking on what to look for. It gave a quick comparison on the space and that made it easy to visually see what you were talking about.

I learned so much… to look at angles …trying to find different ways to make something look ‘interesting’ (instead of formal or symmetrical)… how to pick lighting for different purposes …making a triangle in the lighting arrangement and how to know the height the lamp should be (my lamp is not right—I now know that)….different ways to integrate repetition into the design…. the overall idea of trying objects different places instead of assuming they will or will not work in a space. …WOW! You have a great program here.

One-on-one interaction is included…

I want you to feel confident in using the redesign process, and I want to be sure you understand the five SMART Steps to completing a project. That’s why your self-study training program includes real-time input from me!

Included in your tuition is interactive, one-on-one guidance from me, your instructor. The Redesign-Like-A-Pro self-study program provides you the opportunity to talk with me for 2 full hours of personal coaching sessions. I will evaluate your project to help insure you are following the steps accurately and have understood the process thoroughly. I am also happy to answer ANY questions you may have about the Redesign or Staging process, the industry in general, or any other related challenges you may be facing.

Whenever you are ready before, during or after your program, you will have full access to me as part of your 2 hour personal coaching sessions.

You may not be able to experience hands-on training initially, but you will be able to experience having me as your personal coach to get you started on the road to success.

In addition…

I want to be sure you have some of the fundamentals of interior decorating under your belt as well. So I’m including a copy of my book “Decorating by Instinct”.


Funny, innovative and easy to follow, Decorating by Instinct veers from the norm by trading pictures of unattainable high-end designer rooms, for an enjoyable and interactive reading experience. For consumers who have been craving a practical, “how to” guide on decorating their homes this book is a welcomed breath of fresh air. Marcia’s irreverent and insightful writing style, coupled with the fun-filled format, is easy to understand and includes a simple, proven process that can help anyone unleash their “inner decorator”. No more sighing over high priced rooms the average person can’t afford, or can’t achieve through their own efforts. By learning how to use their instincts and unleash their inner decorator, the reader will ultimately create a room in their individual style which will make them proud to say, “Hey, I did that!”.

But the learning process doesn’t end there…

Post-training coaching support is always available to you at a discounted hourly rate.
I’m happy to help you move forward in any way I can; whether it be using the process in action or starting a business. In addition, you will be added to my student list and have the opportunity to keep in the loop on future training programs, teleseminars and other learning opportunities.

Also, once you complete your first redesign project using the workbook, you are able to purchase additional workbooks to serve as an aid to tackling the projects of friends, family members, or other rooms in your home.

But wait, there’s more….

Once you have completed a project, filled out your workbook and have had your 2 hour coaching session…you will receive a Certificate of Completion from my SMART SCHOOL OF REDESIGN/STAGING…stating that you have met all the requirements of the Redesign-Like-A-Pro learning program!

So let’s recap what is included in your Redesign-Like-A-Pro
self-study training program:

  1. A step-by-step “how-to” instructional DVD
  2. A bonus room redesign and client reveal
  3. A 30 page DIY Workbook
  4. 2 hours of personal, one-on-one coaching sessions
  5. Instructor project/ room review
  6. A copy of my book, “Decorating By Instinct”
  7. Post-program student discounted learning & coaching opportunities
  8. A certificate of program completion

So what is this Self-Study program going to cost?

The complete Redesign Like A Pro self-study training program is only


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“Redesign Like A Pro”


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Remember, If you EVER……

Wanted to experience the feeling of redesigning like a pro…

Wanted to experience what it might be like to have a career in this industry…..

Wanted to experience the satisfaction of creating a great looking room yourself…

Wanted to experience the excitement of a room reveal with friends or family…

Then my self-study Redesign Like A Pro learning program will enable you to finally experience that finished, cohesive, “designer” look in ALL the rooms in your home…and those of friends, relatives or anyone else who needs your newly acquired redesign skills!

And in case you are still wondering if this self-study program is for you, here are a few more things to keep in mind….

►The “Redesign Like A Pro” DVD self-study program can be your first step towards becoming a professional in the redesign and/or home staging industry!

►The “Redesign Like A Pro” DVD set teaches YOU how to create a dream room in a matter of hours!

► The “Redesign Like A Pro” self-study program and workbook can be used as a roadmap to redesigning multiple rooms for multiple people multiple times over.

My “Redesign Like a Pro” Self-Study learning program
puts you in the driver’s seat …

accelerates your confidence…..

and gives you the design-power…

to tackle any room re-do immediately!

Redesign like a pro dvd workbook


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